Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've Got Questions For You

This is something that I picked up on one of my trips to In Your Ear, mostly because of the cool packaging: a 7" wrapped in aluminum foil with two obi strips, sealed inside a zip-loc bag. It certainly wasn't because I knew any of the bands on the compilation, of which the only one I'd already heard before was Fat Day, and they kinda suck. It turns out that if you're into outsider rock at all then the "Kakuhanki" compilation is pretty solid all the way through-- the Cosmic Babylon track almost sounds like a JSBX record played at warp speed, right down to the Russell Simins drum beat and the howling-Elvis spoken word intro, and Wagplaty's "Kazari" is sorta Brainbombs-ish. Maybe the best part is that you have to take the foil off just like you're opening up a thing of Jiffy Pop in order to get the record out, and then besides that, they trimmed the paper inner sleeve by hand so that the end result would be suitably round. The whole thing's pretty neat, even if the pressing is for shit.

Fat Day (US) -

"Airways Clear"

"Mow (Radio Edit)"

Cosmic Babylon (JPN) -


Bilge Pump (UK) -

"I've Got Questions for You"

Velocityut (JPN) -

"C2 Acute"

"C3 Newer"

Wagplaty (JPN) -



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