Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Does It Feel To Not Exist

I first got to hear this monster of a tape through Built on a Weak Spot, though it was a while before I went out and got a copy of my own (three bucks at Redscroll, it pays to get out of the house sometimes). I still don't know where I'm at on regular noise stuff-- like, effects boxes and patch cords and nothing else type noise-- but when there's a heavy bit of rock added-in, like with White Suns and so forth, I'm all for it. I tend to listen to most of this stuff in the car, except when I'm driving back after a show and my ears are ringing and buzzing back at me because that's what most of these tapes already sound like. Not to be confused with The Landlords, the '80s hardcore band from Virginia that put out the "Teenage House Party" LP and the "Our Favorite Songs" EP, though I don't know why I even mentioned them because there's not a single person reading this blog who remembers them anyway.

Landlords -

"Bite Me"


Bruce said...

"...because there's not a single person reading this blog who remembers them anyway."

c'mon man. I heard they sounded like AOD.

Brushback said...

Yeah, I'm just baiting John Beers with that one.

Must be weird for someone to see a band using their old band's name... like if I saw a new zine called "Run It" or something...

joshuapkelly said...

is there any chance you could hook up a rip of this entire tape? pat is my boy, and i dig this tape. would like to have it digitally too.

also, the way more important fact about the landlords from viriginia is that both members of HAPPY FLOWERS were in that landlords first. HAPPY FLOWERS ruled.

Brushback said...

This guy has a pretty good rip of the whole tape (better than my rip, at least) --

transcendental sound


Brushback said...

The mp3 link is now inactive