Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Not Funny

I haven't seen Birth of Flower in over a year and a half now, or since they were still using the name Post-Modern Sounds. Not that they've stopped playing shows or anything (in fact, they've got a house show in Waterbury coming up in a couple of weeks), it's just that our paths haven't crossed lately. I also didn't pay much attention to "Moths"-- last year's follow-up to 2008's "Literal Tension" EP-- when it first came out because, well, they released it in .m4a format and I hate having to screw around with my iPod. (You can download the entirety of "Moths" at their MySpace, or at Then the other month, "Chistes" popped up on a shuffle anyway, and I was like, holy crap this song is good. Not long afterwards I finally figured out how to convert .m4a files to mp3's through iTunes (duh), so now I don't have to mess with my iPod at all, it just sits there looking unhelpful as ever. Thanks to that, here's "Chistes".

Birth of Flower -


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