Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm A Long-Haired Hippy And I Like To Smoke Dope

I know I'm not setting any new trends by posting this, just that Nobunny is playing at Cafe Nine next week (with Medication, no less-- though I may end up not going), and "Hippy Witch" is my favorite Nobunny track. Plus, #3 is my favorite of all the "World's Lousy" 7-inchers; save for the Wax Museums track, which is kind of a throwaway, everything on here is aces, especially The Romance Novels' slightly Wreckless Eric "Whole Wide World"-ish "It's All Lies". Judging by the label artwork (or whatever), it appears that I own both pressings of this. I'm stupid that way sometimes.

Nobunny -

"Hippy Witch"

The Suspicions -

"Baby Talk"

The Romance Novels -

"It's All Lies"

Wax Museums -

"Disco Ball"


ib said...

Some good no-nonsense shit in there.

Wreckless Eric, yes, but really The Ramones on a practice amp. Without the big hair, I suspect.

Nobunny get almost close to genius. A stupid word, but they very nearly achieve it.


Brushback said...

If you scrubbed it clean enough, "It's All Lies" might even come out sounding like The Cars "Best Friend's Girl", even.

ib said...

What's the republican party sticker ?

I thought I'd inadvertently landed on a Sarah Palin page. I was not nearly almost ready...

Brushback said...

I'm pretty sure it's ironic. You'll notice the Almost Ready web site is pretty spartan, pretty spare. It sorta goes along with the decor.

ib said...

It IS a pretty nice logo. When you look right at it.

I hope it's ironic. I cannot afford to be sued.

What the hell is the significance of the elephant, anyway ? Something to do with memory ? A white elephant ? I have no idea. I have never bothered to find out. Looks pretty nifty, though. The political parties over here pay top dollar for a new design pretty much every election, each one more ghastly than the last.

Brushback said...

I forget why one's an elephant and one's a donkey (though I'm sure I could look it up on Wikipedia). It's something I learned back in grade school, I bet.

ib said...

I know. I resisted the temptation to consult Wiki myself...

I had forgotten about the democratic donkey. Or jackass. Probably some historical horseshit to do with cigar smoking farts.

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive.