Friday, April 30, 2010

Anything That You're Missing You Don't Need

Million Sellers released two jaw-droppingly brilliant 7"-ers back in the mid-90's to relative worldwide disinterest (you can revisit them here and here), but now Kels Koch is back on vinyl again over a decade later with another 4-song EP, released earlier this year on BamaLama. This one rocks a bit harder that the first two, meaning a lot more of the Eddie Cochran comes through while making the Chilton/Westerberg comparisons a little less apt, but you can still picture this as something Chilton might've come up with after "Flies on Sherbert" had he not almost immediately taken a hard right turn to kitschville.

Of course, owning any Million Sellers record is fairly recommended, which you can attempt in this case either through the web site, or for a mere 4 bucks direct. I've also ripped a couple of tracks for you to sample by clicking on the links found below (they're not downloadable files this time, just listen-only).

Million Sellers -

(these files are listen-only)

"Fickle-Hearted Lover"

"I Can't Help It"

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