Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When Everything Is Coming Your Way It Means You're In The Wrong Lane

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I was pretty psyched to find this at Deep Thoughts (record store in Cambridge) the other weekend -- "Early Singles", a collection of Bimbo Shrineheads (aka Shrinnirs) stuff that I'd otherwise hadn't heard, for the most part, or even had any idea that it had existed. The package is pretty funky -- an LP jacket spray-painted black so heavily that it became soggy and warped, a tape reel box affixed to the front with a booklet and some papers inside, and almost no mention of the band name anywhere -- so it's no wonder that most people wouldn't know what this was, even if they saw it in a store. For a near-20-track LP, pretty much everything on here is fairly prime avant-rock; now that I'm finally getting the chance to hear all of this stuff, I'm realizing that this is a band that carried a really high on-base percentage, for sure. Figures that I had to go record shopping in Massachusetts to find out about a Connecticut band.

Bimbo Shrineheads -



"How To Get Fucked Up The Ass With a Flag and Smile and Be Really Happy and Grateful"

"Separating Your Face From My Windshield"

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