Friday, November 27, 2015

I Don't Need No Oceans When I Got Industry

Here's something of mild interest that I picked up for cheap today at RRR Records in Lowell, instead of chasing around bogus "Black Friday Record Store Day" crap. Apparently at one point Devo had set off a major bidding war, inducing wetness in the usual scene-hopping trendies (Bowie, Eno, etc.) and causing people to squint an eye in the direction of Akron Ohio and wonder "hey, what else is going on there?"... hence this sampler. Despite some disparaging stuff that'd been written about this compilation before ("only one or two tracks of interest, nothing special" -- Dave Fricke or some asshole), once I got it home and plopped it down on the turntable, I found it to contain some fairly neat things, especially on the a-side. The Bizarros track is a total Stooges cop, Tin Huey is sort of Beefheart-ian which makes me wish now that I hadn't skipped over all their dollar records at Brass City back when I was 20, and even The Waitresses contribute a tuff-sounding track ("The Comb", which recently got the remix/reissue treatment and sounds even better now). Supposedly the scratch n sniff cover smells like burning rubber tires -- I dunno, old record jackets all kinda smell like mold to me -- and there's even a backwards "Hotel California" soundbite at the beginning of the first side, which made me chortle a bit and think back to when everybody hated The Eagles. Do people still hate The Eagles?

The Bizarros -


The Waitresses -

"The Comb"

Tin Huey -

"Chinese Circus"

Rubber City Rebels -

"Rubber City Rebels"

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