Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Lost My Mood Ring And I'm Not Sure How I Feel About It

One of the first indie records I ever bought was the Lyres "On Fyre" -- I heard "I Want To Help You Ann" somewhere, and the riff was so great that I went out and tracked the album down, although they'd shortened the name to just "Help You Ann" on the LP; something to do with the label thinking it was more accessible that way or something. Anyway, it turned out that the two tracks that I liked best on "On Fyre" ("Don't Give It Up Now" and "Help You Ann") both skipped on the crummy bought-from-Two-Guys record player that I had at the time (ca. '84), which sorta sunk the whole record for me because those were about the only tracks on the album that I really liked, the Pete Best and (two) Kinks covers notwithstanding.

This single, which I bought afterwards, carries a much better slugging percentage though -- "Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now" and "She Pays The Rent" are two genuine rock 'n roll hits ("She Pays The Rent" is an extra track here, and isn't on the 7" version), which definitely puts the Lyres on the 'plus' side of Bands That Use Keyboards As a Lead Instrument (positive: ? and The Mysterians, Suicide, Vanilla Fudge; negative: Emerson Lake and Palmer, Matt & Kim, The Doors).

Lyres -

"Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now"

"She Pays The Rent"

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