Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I Am Really Hungry For Doesn't Exist

I was out at a food place last night, the one that normally gives you a chocolate chip cookie w/ their $5 meal, only they left out the cookie and when I asked about it they told me, "we ran out, there'll be some more in like five minutes". So I figured fuckit, I'll wait, I'll get it afterwards when I'm done eating, because I kinda like fresh chocolate chip cookies. Plus, you know, they owe me a cookie, motherfucker. When I went back to the counter a few minutes later, the guy says "well, they just came out. They're kinda soft, you probably won't want one yet because it'll bend." I said, "that's fine, I don't care." Then the guy says "well, it's kinda hot, you don't want to burn yourself." Fucker was trying to talk his way out of giving me the cookie! I mean, come on, for a 2" chocolate chip cookie to burn you, that's gotta be the hottest cookie in the universe. Guy's acting like he's about to hand me molten lava or hot moon rocks or something. Go in the back, put the metal suit on with the Homer Simpson tongs, and hand me my cookie.

Anyway, here's some pictures from a show that I went to.

The Boston Strangler -

"Take Control"

Waste Management -

"Get Your Mind Right"

The Peacebreakers -

"You Exploit You"


ib said...

The Malcolm Middleton video on Tumblr reminded me I had yet to pull a festive cracker with Milo. Thought I was hip, but not hip enough to leave a note. I had to resort to blogger.

Holiday salutations.

The chocolate chip fucker was probably wary of a lawsuit. Had it adhered to your face.

Brushback said...

Tumblr isn't exactly convenient to leaving comments on posts.

I just wanted my cookie!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, also.