Saturday, October 11, 2014

This Is What Parties Must've Been Like Before All The Squares Took Over

Apparently there's an Action Swingers bandcamp page now, to go along with the somewhat-of-a-reissue 7" that came out on Total Punk last year, as well as the "Quit While You're Ahead" LP vinyl issue due out on In The Red next year. Which probably means I'm falling behind with capitalizing on the Action Swingers resurgence by posting the one piece of Action Swingers vinyl that I own (other than that shitty Noiseville comp), the "Fear of A Fucked Up Planet" 7" -- a Public Enemy reference, presumably, though if it's not I'm still gonna say that it is. "Fear of A Fucked Up Planet" isn't nearly as good as the TV Eye ripoff "Kicked In The Head", but not much is anyway, and besides it's still a pretty good chunk of dirt-and-fuzz-laden junk rock presuming you don't really know any better. I'm chickening out and posting just a Bandcamp link here instead of an actual vinyl rip, so as to not deprive Ned Hayden of any well-deserved funds. Ex-members of Pussy Galore, B.A.L.L., Velvet Monkeys, Dinosaur Jr, Toto, Billy & The Beaters, Rupert Holmes' touring band (one of those I just made up, something that you'll find happens fairly frequently around here). Preparing to watch those Google hits rack up starting right now, brother.

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