Sunday, September 28, 2014

Keith Hernandez Looks So Much Younger Without A Mustache

When I got the new Half Japanese record in the mail, they put a pack of Sour Punch candy in the box, which I thought was kinda neat. It's good to know that record labels are looking out for you. I mean, a can of chicken noodle soup would've been a lot healthier, but it probably would've broken the record.


ib said...

Pretty neat.

But this cannot be the Baltimore band of the same name active in the late 70s, surely ? I hazard not.

I like this a lot.

ib said...

Ouch. I see I am wrong.

Finger on the pulse, as always.

Brushback said...

Guess I forgot to include a re-wording of the press release within the review, like I normally do.