Friday, August 15, 2014

The Rock Is In The Wrong Cradle

If you haven't already picked up Birth of Flower's "Deity" in any of its earlier incarnations -- shitty CD-R, Bandcamp files, half-formulated cassette tape -- then now's your chance to own it on vinyl, and you really should try to get a copy of it somehow (whichever format you chose) because it's definitely one of the best recordings to come out of Connecticut in the past whenever-years or so, or since any of you can remember at least. I realize that my saying Birth of Flower are Connecticut's best band (circa 2012-2014) doesn't carry much weight anymore, now that I no longer live in Connecticut, but maybe I can say that they're one of the best live bands coming out of New England right now and still get away with it. You can buy the alb from them for ten bucks in person, or from any of the better record stores around CT (Redscroll, Willimantic), or I think they've even figured out how to sell you a copy of the vinyl through the 'merch' tab on Bandcamp now. If you go to their Bandcamp page -- google 'The Horrible Truth About Flower', it's not the actual best way to get there but it's funny -- you can even swipe a free download of the album (and all of their other records, too) while you're visiting, which is a pretty easy thing for you to do right now, seeing as you're already on the internet. I mean, have I ever steered you wrong before? Probably, I guess.

Birth of Flower -


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