Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Will Not Do Anything That I Do Not Want To Do

The other month I made my way down to 33 Golden St. in the middle of a total Nor'easter to check out Wolfghost, which in the end was kinda worth it because Wolfghost freakin' slayed, making up for having to drive back and forth to New London both ways without being able to see 15 feet in front of me. I never really caught The Royale Brothers but Wolfghost is a sort-of offshoot/evolution of The Royale Brothers in some ways, though maybe harder -- sounding like prime-era Blackfoot fronted by Nick Cave or something. (I wonder if Joey's gotten sick of being compared to Nick Cave all the time; just for laughs, I googled it and it came up like 50 times.) Anyway, they had a couple of loose demos on their Bandcamp page a while ago, which they've since upgraded with two new recordings (including a faster, tough-boogie version of "My Woman") which you can listen to on repeat all day and then buy for two bucks if you want. Heck yes, you want.

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