Friday, January 24, 2014

Fear Won't Eat My Soul Because I Don't Have One

The couple-three Tight Bros singles that I own have always struck me as being pretty great, but I also've got two of their albs which I've never had the patience to listen to all the way through. I dunno, they just never struck me like the singles did, for some reason. Although I'm listening to "Runnin' Thru My Bones" now, and this one track that I ripped from "Lend You a Hand", and shit's sounding pretty alright. Pretty fuckin' keen now, hoss. Maybe I've changed my mind about this whole Tight Bros thing. But not enough to make me go back and rip any more songs from this album, besides this one that I already ripped about 5 years ago. Does that make me lame? Probably, yeah.

Tight Bros From Way Back When -

"Make It a Habit"

Usually a picture of the record goes here, but fuckit, you probably
wouldn't even have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out

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