Saturday, August 31, 2013

This Novel's In Need Of A Bad Ending

Per Purpose are getting up there as one of my favorite bands, based on everything they've put out over the past year or so (only a single and a cassette plus another odd track or two, but anyways). They've pretty much topped themselves with every new thing they've put out, going from pleasantly mimicking The Fall-- for a laugh, listen to "Right to Green" sometime-- to now, where they've gotten to the point where they're totally out there by themselves, creating rock that just gets weirder and more compelling to follow. Five-to-nine-minute-long songs might seem like a bit much sometimes, with both "Eureka" and "Isn't It" (the last two things they've shown to the public) hitting that mark, but they've got the sort of drummer who can hold things together, much like John Bonham holding things down so the rest of the band can go fuck off with themselves somewhere else or whatever. I'd love to see these guys on a bill with Birth of Flower, who are doing something not really similar but just as mindblowing. That would probably make for a good night out, depending upon if they played at a place that was within walking distance of a good Gatorade maybe. Except that Per Purpose are from Australia, so they might never play here, the same reason why you can't buy their latest cassette (it's sold out already) but you can listen to it on Bandcamp, which I guess is okay. If you do give it a listen, make sure to stick around at least to the 8:30 mark, which is where they hit the payoff at the end that's almost as good as the "I miss you" part in "Good Morning, Captain" (which is a lie that I just made up to get you to listen, there isn't anything really that good).

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