Saturday, June 1, 2013

Your Face Won't Leave Me Alone

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Sometime during the first year that I started doing this blog, a guy named Craig sent a note about an unreleased October Days track that he had, and also mentioned that he had played bass in an early CT hardcore band called Controlled Aggression. Of course I jumped on getting the October Days song (it's okay), and Craig then also sent along the files from a three-song demo that Controlled Aggression had recorded in 1982.

I'd never seen Controlled Aggression live (I didn't start going to punk shows until 1985), or even heard their name before Craig e-mailed me, so the chance to check out some really early Connecticut hardcore seemed like a neat idea. As it is, I don't have much info on these songs, other than they were recorded in April '82 at a studio in Wallingford that "usually only did radio commercials", although a little while later Craig (who later played in a Boston band called The Eels: sent me a bunch of flyers from shows that Controlled Aggression had played back in '82, with bands like Gang Green, The Freeze, October Days, and Lost Generation (Craig was mindful to point out that they'd found the withered-hand photo in an issue of Time magazine before the DKs ended up using it for Plastic Surgery Disasters). Craig also included an old Controlled Aggression set list, which (surprisingly) was made up of about 50% covers and 50% originals.

So, here's the demo, made up of your fairly standard 40-second thrash songs, including the standard "band theme song" -- à la "Negative Approach", "Minor Threat", and etc. -- though keep in mind that this was Connecticut in 1982, which was a totally different time (as a frame of reference, Vatican Commandos and C.I.A. released their first 7"-ers in 1983). Also, I think it's kinda funny that there was a band called Merv Griffin back in 1982-83, long before the grinders/PV-ers ever thought of it.

Controlled Aggression -

"Pull The Switch"

"You're So Clean"

"Controlled Aggression"

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