Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not Only Do I Not Have All The Answers, But The Ones You Want I'm Not Interested In

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Grand Passion were definitely one of the best CT bands of all time if not the best (yeah, I'm saying it) (among the possibilities: Monsterland, Estrogen Highs, Crystalized Movements, October Days, Violent Children, Youth Korps). Their sound carried a total Cle likeness with it, as in Prisonshake/Death of Samantha, even if those might've not been bands that anyone in Grand Passion actually listened to. Everybody in the band was a top player, too, which made them a kick-ass band to see live. This EP originally came out on cassette, most likely for use as a demo until they could swing a CD release, but the mix wasn't all that great, although they fixed (mostly) for the CD. This CD was part of a monster line-up that was released on Serendipity in '98, namely CDs from Atlas, Grand Passion, Farmertan, and Damien Pratt -- all four of them among the best CT indie rock albums ever, with all four coming out in one year on one label. You can still get the files for the superior "Negative Jesus"/"Ass Cat" 7" over here (not sure why those files are still 'live', I must've fucked up), and check out a semi-hilarious Grand Passion interview as well.

Grand Passion -


"White Man Listen"

"Face Type Deal"

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