Saturday, May 25, 2013

Even When You Lose You Gain Experience

I didn't like this record at all when it first came out (I even wrote a pretty mean review of it), but I figured with the passage of time and everything I'd give it one more shot, mostly since Dan Greene was in Butterflies of Love (as was Mark Mulcahy at one point). Turns out I still don't like this record all that much, but you can have it anyway because some of you might think differently. At least now I'm a bit closer to appreciating the b-side, since it's similar the stuff that Dan's been doing with The Mountain Movers, and I totally love The Mountain Movers. The only other bit of Butterflies of Love trivia I can offer is that I found one of their CDs at the Goodwill in Wallingford last year, which I bought for 50 cents. It's slightly better than this record, plus there's more songs on it. The runout groove etching on the b-side of this 7" reads "Brian Sinclair is a rat bastard", and I'm being totally serious about that, it's not just another one of my jokes.

The Butterflies of Love -

"Rob a Bank"

"Love May Be Possible"

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Vegas said...

great band. not their best song. but love that there were doing something totally different than most bands in the area at this time.