Saturday, April 20, 2013

No One Cares After The First Million

In sort of a freaky co-incidence, Bruce Wingate uploaded the Bruce Wayne demo cassette (which I'd never heard before) to YooToob the same week that I threw this International Brunch Mummies CD in my glovebox to listen to on the way back and forth to work. There's even a re-recorded Bruce Wayne track ("Reinvent Yourself") on this Brunch Mummies CD, how about that. Funny how those things work out. Actually, it's not even worth a chuckle, but whatever. I actually have a few Brunch Mummies CDs hanging around that Bruce gave me once, but I'd have to try to find them, this place isn't as organized as it once was. "Location-Meal-Monster" is how they came up with the band's name, if it's not obvious then keep staring at it and eventually you'll figure it out. There's covers of the Saints, the Supremes, and the Monkees on this thing, too. I'm really not sure when this came out, I could ask Bruce but he's probably busy right now.

International Brunch Mummies -

"New Caucasian Pop Sensation"

"Reinvent Yourself"

"Here Come The Pats"

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