Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crate-Diggin' As A Useless Hobby

I picked up a handful of 45s while I was driving around in the sticks today, though nothing great mind you. I've heard tons of stories of people digging up tons of 'quality raers' at thrift stores and such, but whenever I walk into a Salvation Army or Goodwill store myself, all I manage to come up with are the usual moldy Herb Alpert and Connie Francis LPs, stuff that's not even worth touching with your bare hands. Except today I stopped by an antique store that sold mostly knick-knacks and shit and made out with a few pennies' worth of actual rock n roll 45s at least: stuff like Greg Khin, The Sweet (nothing really all that good, just their one big U.S. hit -- stupid dumb Americans), The Raiders, Grand Funk, and even an old Bee Gees 45 from when they were still actually sorta decent (yes, trust me, it happened once). The only one that still had a picture sleeve was the Grand Funk single, and most of the rest were even missing their factory sleeves, meaning they're basically unplayable junk and I bought 'em just for laughs anyway. There was also this scorcher, which I'm presenting to you with clicks intact, because we didn't care back when we were stacking 10 of these at a time on our parents' automatic-drop record players, so why should you:

Pat Travers -

"Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)"

 photo PatTraversVinyl-450_zps05e6bdc0.jpg


jeffen said...

I had that Pat Travers' albums "Go For What You Know on cassette back in the day. Listening to it again brings back memories, both good and bad.

Brushback said...

Wait, that sounds like 'good'!

Plus he's a Canuck, you gotta rep