Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Used To Hate This Job But Now I'm All About It

This is the last Speaking Canaries record that I ended up buying, which is kinda backwards because it's their first record, so obviously that means it took me that much longer to find it. This also happens to be my least-favorite Speaking Canaries record, although that's a pretty misleading thing to say because all of the Speaking Canaries records are worth your time, it's just that all the ones after this one were better and I picked a sort-of-dipshit way of putting it. Whatever, I was due to post something new and it was either this or an Urge Overkill record.

So while I go on knocking a record that I really like, I'll mention that some of what makes the later Speaking Canaries albs really great and different doesn't evidence itself here -- like, Damon doesn't sing in a falsetto yet (not that I really like that part anyway), and there's none of the bombastic-riffing-for-eight-minutes type songs, either, meaning parts of "The Joy of Wine" sound just like a Das Damen record or something. Close readers of obscured hand-scribbled liner notes will see that Karl Hendricks plays bass here, and sings on "Dizzy and Stoned", which is a somewhat mellowed-out acoustic number; "Blocks" is relatively poppy, too, as far as that goes. I'm not posting either of those songs anyway, sticking with the more typical rokk stuff like "Burning Loose", which Fu Manchu or Queens of The Stone Age stole the riff from, or maybe it was someone else. At least, I'm pretty sure it was one of them.

Thee Speaking Canaries -


"Losing Son"

"Burning Loose"

"Winning Son"


Anonymous said...

..not sure if that last post came up, but worth trying it again: thank you. this is goddamned awesome

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