Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Was Just Killing Time 'Til You Got Here

The last time I drove up to the Flywheel, to see Parasol on a Monday night, I missed the exit, which in Massachusetts means you gotta drive like 20 minutes before you get to the next one (okay, so it was pitch black out plus they were doing construction, I got an excuse). I guess that means Massachusetts wants people to fucking pay attention when they're driving, otherwise if you drop your gaze to change the song or fiddle with the air conditioner for a minute you might end up in Canada or something.

Luckily I paid attention the next time, to see Tenement, and even got there in enough time to buy some records and walk them out to the car before the show even started. Pretty nifty. It seems kinda weird watching Tenement in a room with 80 other people, since out of all the bands I like they're probably the one that should be playing in bigger venues, except that they don't seem to care, which is cool. 20 minute sets and a bunch of feedback, how do you like that, fuckers. See you later. Can't beat that.

Vacation went on before Tenement and I wasn't too into them, although it probably wasn't their fault, just caught me at a bad time I guess. Instead I sat in the other room reading all the back issues of Incite that the Flywheel has, which was fucking great. Tim Alborn is the best. I kept thinking that whomever does the singing for Vacation has a British accent (from the next room over), but they're from Cincinnati, although their songs make them sound like they're from Long Island. See, I should keep reading zines and stop trying to describe what bands sound like when they're playing, since I have no friggin' clue what I'm doing. And I have a blog? Does the guy from Ovlov know about this?

Blessed State went on first, they're a new band with Brian from Iron Hand singing and a couple of other people that you or somebody else might know. I thought they sounded like Bloody Gears, though finishing their set with a Wipers cover ("Can This Be") probably makes it easier for me to say that. Whatever, I liked them, they were really good.

Exactly three years ago (Oct. 2009) I sat down and ripped all the Tenement singles that I had at the time (probably 3 or 4 at the most, including splits) intending to make a blog post about them, but I never got around to finishing it. "Summer Street" is one of those rips, from the "Icepick" 7-inch; it's got pretty much everything that I like in a Tenement song, plus it's 6 minutes long, so I know you won't like it.

Tenement -

"Summer Street"

Potty Mouth -

"Black and Studs"


Rich Avedon said...

I would have enjoyed the show more if your fat ass wasn't blocking the band while you snapped away.

Brushback said...

"Ruining it for everybody"

jeffen said...

While I can't speak to the whole 'fat ass' controversy, I can say that I like this Tenement song more than anything from Napalm Dream.
Perhaps a re-listen is in order...

Brushback said...

"Napalm Dream" wasn't as immediate with me like their singles up to that point had been, but I think it was just that my expectations had gotten skewed.

I don't know what this other guy is talking about -- I'm 5'6" and 110 lbs. I'm good at blocking nobody

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

Anonymous said...

very good!

Brushback said...

See, spam people like it.