Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Take All We Can And The Rest We Sell

"Tighter than a kitten's butthole" - a zine

"Took me a FUCK of a long time to figure out if this thing played at 33 or 45" - some zine

"A total weed band" - Pen Rollings

I also have the "Burner" CD, which collects all three Breadwinner singles on one piece of mirrored plastic, but vinyl is more fun to play with so I'd rather do it this way. Breadwinner was when Pen Rollings (Honor Role) invented math rock, except for the other bands who invented it first, leading to a whole bunch of other people to make a lot records that were great in concept but a fucking drag to listen to. p.s. crank it up, this record freaking slays

Breadwinner -




lex dexter said...

Jesus Christ, thankee. I just tracked this down but it's nice to see it acknowledged anywhere and for any old reason. Total weed band indeed. I have a weakness for a lot of the originary waves of math stuff but god there has been some horseshit in its wake. Like, how did we get to Mogwai from Tweez (which also kinda blows)?

Brushback said...

Some of that math/post stuff is like the "November Rain" MTV Video of indie rock