Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The World Would Be Wonderful If It Weren't For Certain People

This isn't my favorite of all the Prisonshake singles (read: not enough hooks), but as far as excessive freakin' guitar stuff goes, it's pretty alright. "Then She Prayed" could be the closest the early Snack ever came to sounding like The Pontiac Brothers, which is fine as long as you don't mind the extended 'blues' part taking up the whole middle -- and I don't, really, because it's one more example of Prisonshake doing whatever the fuck they wanted and trying something different each time. "Little Pink Ribbons" sounds even more ferocious, with Doug's vocals buried deep within the mix, like he just woke up underneath a big pile of dirt or something. I know some of you won't dig this, and that's fine, cuz as I was driving home late last night with the highway lights ticking by, both these songs sounded great.

Prisonshake -

"Then She Prayed"

"Little Pink Ribbons"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! More Prisonshake plz.