Friday, August 3, 2012

What Everything Looks Like From The Hindenberg

One of my favorite chunks of Cle-rock ever, from one of the greatest labels of all time... Ghost Sonata was Tim and Todd Tobias of Crucifucks fame (no, wait, that's the drummer from Shellac), and this single stands as one of the best examples of non-Prisonshake-as-Prisonshake as you're gonna find... Not that Ghost Sonata isn't totally original, but "We Walked On" carries a similar vibe to Prisonshake's "Elijah", while "One Way" brings some bonus Mudhoney/Ginn Slips In-type action... 7" came with the first issue of Robert Griffin's choice "Seven" zine, the interview from which I've handily scanned and posted below, even though nobody ever reads these things (x 4)... "Okay, I'll enunciate next time... FUCK!!"

Ghost Sonata -

"We Walked On"

"One Way"

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slovenlyeric said...

Scat was amazing and the magazine they had was also fantastic. Clevland is not far from NYC, but much of the music made their got little attention. So having a magazine talk about 7" discs was a real eye opener.