Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maybe It's Alright That I've Got Nothing To Say

Obviously timing is no longer one of my strong points, if it ever was, since the other week I went to a show at Whitney House and ended up standing around for 45 minutes waiting for the show to start (and the last band, M-13, ended up not even playing), and then this past week I went to Whitney House again and I pretty much missed Groomers, getting there just as they were finishing their last song. Which kinda sucks, because I was really looking forward to seeing Groomers again, now that I'd finally heard the songs from their tape. All of the Groomers tapes have been dubbed-over onto leftover cassettes, and so mine happens to be on a copy of the Elvis Costello stinker, "Imperial Bedroom"; when the last Groomers song ends, "The Last Honeymoon" starts up. Someone needs to pay for my suffering.

Potty Mouth (from Massachusetts) went on after Groomers and started out a bit shaky, almost like chimp-rock for the first couple of songs, but then things fell into place and their set kept getting better and better as it went along. It was one of those things where you see a band for the first time, and you're like, "well, these guys aren't so great, maybe I should leave and go get a coffee or something. but hey, this song here is alright. wait, I like this song too. oh, wow, this song is really great. hey, this is starting to sound pretty good now." Then the last song they played, "Hazardville", was their best song of the night, reminding me a lot of Dis-, one of my favorite bands ever. Dis- are from the '90s, they were from Milwaukee, you should look them up sometime. Or else maybe I should post one of their records. I might be going up to The Flywheel to see Potty Mouth again tonight, actually.

Mutant Genes is another one of the 8 or 9 bands that Tommy Perkins is in, if you saw Little Seizures (pizza pizza) at Daggett Street a few weeks ago. Mutant Genes are a bit more hardcore than Little Seizures, and a lot of their songs have some type of Motörhead riff in them, plus they did an Iron Maiden cover I think (it was only about 2 minutes long so it was hard to tell). The first song that Mutant Genes played was awesome, like a total sped-up NWOBHM/punk hybrid; I wish I knew what song it was, but I don't think it was one of the songs on their Bandcamp. I thought the Mutant Genes set ripped, even though the mic was screwed up so Tommy's vocals just sounded like a bunch of squawking noises the whole night. I don't know what it is about the sound at The Whitney House lately, but the last 3 or 4 times I've been there, it hasn't been good. Mutant Genes were supposed to have a 7" ready for this tour but they actually didn't get the records until the next night, when they played in New Haven, but I didn't go. I'm sure it's a pretty bad-ass little record, though.

Mutant Genes, "Straight To Hell"

Potty Mouth, "Hazardville"

Groomers -

"Don't Know What to Say"


tommy said...

We didnt do an Iron Maiden cover! I dunno what gave you that impression but i'll take it! The first song (mostly instrumental right now) is probably gonna be the first one on our next record hopefully. People should write me at if they're interested in the ep which is now out. Awesome photos! -Tommy

Brushback said...

I could've sworn I heard you say 'That was an Iron Maiden cover', but the song was only two minutes long so I was kind of doubtful.

That first song had a great riff to it.