Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nothing Can Save This Sinking Ship

I picked up this tape when Veterans and Vaccine played at Popeye's last year. Captives wasn't on the bill that night, but their singer was hanging out with Veterans on their tour, I guess because both bands are/were from Cincinnati. It took me about a month or two to figure out how good this tape is; I listened to it passively a couple of times when I first bought it, but then I popped it into the tape deck as I was taking a long drive up to a show in Massachussetts a while later, and that's when the mosh parts (excuse me, I guess you guys call them 'breakdowns' now) really started to sink in. These guys have some hellacious slow parts; not as good as Hoax or Natural Law, but still pretty good. If you were into the demo that Iron Hand put out in '08 then you'll probably like this, not that I'm saying that both bands sound alike, just that the Captives demo has the same sort of heaviness to it, especially that great almost-lo-fi, mic'ed-up-and-recorded-in-a-room sound that the Iron Hand demo has. The title track here, "Unspeakable Truths", even reminds me of Iron Hand's "Ode to No One". If you want to hear more than just the three tracks I've posted, you can download the whole thing for nothing at the band's web site, This tape was already a year old when I first bought it so you're probably not gonna earn any Jerkbooth points for downloading it, but it's still a ripper in any case.

Captives -



"Sadness in The Streets"

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