Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Don't Want To Be The One For You

Before becoming an emo label, Deep Elm started out in the mid-90's by shot-gunning indie rock 7"-ers like crazy-- eight or nine of them, all released within months of each other. The singles were pressed on heavy colored vinyl with nice full-color sleeves, but even with the label's DIY posturing and their declaration that "We make records, not product", it was hard to shake the notion that Deep Elm's sole intention was to snag the next Smashing Pumpkins or the next Spacehog or whatever. All of the bands on the label seemed to have more of a cultivated look or marketable angle to them, at least when compared to the line-up of your average underground/bedroom label at the time, and label head John Szuch was very careful to list himself as A&R on the back of each record, apparently hoping to cash-in if any major label talent scouts happened to come stumbling around. I actually really liked a couple of the early Deep Elm singles-- namely Muler and Nada Surf-- but most of the bands weren't all that interesting. It was all sorta symptomatic of how dumb most of the post-Nirvana '90s "indie" scene was, because of the money.

As for this Velour single, it's one of the ones that earned maybe one or two listens before being filed away permanently, although now that I listen to it again, I can at least say that it's got some guitars going for it. I mean, the lyrics are shitty and the snare sound kinda sucks, but other than that... it's not much worse than that last Supertouch 7". I wonder how many photo shoots it took for them to pick the right one?

Velour -



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