Friday, January 13, 2012

You Don't Even Talk To Me Anymore

This is the first 7" from Her Tears, a band that among all of the '90s Danbury bands had one of the more impeccable track records. This early single is way Manchester and doesn't rock out nearly as hard as what came out afterwards, but the b-side, "Darling", still ranks among my favorite Connecticut singles sides from that decade. I'm only guessing that they were attempting some kind of Inspiral Carpets-type thing here, but in hindsight "Darling" sounds more like a Geffen-era Girls Against Boys song if you added a lot of extra wah-wah and recorded it inside an empty metal box. The a-side, "5:30 Blue", is almost too mopey, but that's okay, because by being there it makes the b-side sound that much better. The first couple of times I played this record, I'd drop the needle on the a-side, scrunch my nose a bit, and then quickly flip the record over, and then "Darling" would end up sounding ten times more rocking in comparison. Now you can do the same thing.

Her Tears -

"5:30 Blue"



Vegas said...

crikey - this could be released today on Slumberland or a hipster label from Brooklyn and it would be even hipper! both songs date very well. good stuff

Brushback said...

I kind of agree, this would probably fit in well with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart crowd...