Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Running Out Of Comfort

Here's one from the glut that was serial label compilations back in the '90s (AmRep with "Dope Guns...", Trance Syndicate with "Love & Napalm", Toxic Shock with "Noise from Nowhere", "Teriyaki Asthma" from C/Z, etc etc), with almost all of them having pretty much the same 50% suck ratio that this one does. The Jonestown song is actually a pretty darn good Didjits-style ripper, and is easily the best song on here, although the Gas Huffer song is some pretty decent snacks also. Things go downhill quickly after that, starting with Porn Orchard (who were from Atlanta) who really want to be Phantom Tollbooth so bad: "We'll try some tempo changes, work in some metal riffs, come on it'll be cool!" I actually saw Porn Orchard once, at The Anthrax in the '80s; I believe it was on a bill with Falling Stairs, who were buddies of mine. I ripped their song here just so I could laugh at it later, but I'm not going to post it. Same with Daddy Hate Box, which equals funky grunge-metal that completely sucks.

I even managed to own two copies of this record; the one I have on black vinyl was trimmed out-of-round, so there's a lump of extra vinyl sticking out on one side and the grooves go right to the outer edge on the other side. Luckily the copy I have on gold vinyl is okay, so that's the one I used for these rips.

Jonestown -

"Fuck Your High and Get You Up"

Gas Huffer -


Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Can't Stay This Fucked Forever

I ended up getting to the Redscroll show late on Sunday and totally missed Curmudgeon, walking in at around 7:30 (!) just as they were finishing up their last song.... which means I ended up paying $5 just to see Al Borland play, which didn't bother me too much because I really like some of their songs, even though they have zero negative almost no stage presentation. It still ended up being worth the drive to Wallingford, since I found out about a couple of cool upcoming shows, bought the new Nazi Dust LP, and also bought a bunch merch from Curmudgeon and We Rise, including this Shaved Christ demo which came out last May or something. I ended up listening to the Shaved Christ tape almost the whole ride home, because it's pretty friggin' choice -- sorta like a cross between Double Negative and Confines, with some extra Void-ness in the tempo changes and so forth. You can find about half the songs from the demo on their bandcamp (, but they didn't put any of the ones that I liked the most, so "In Time" is my own cassette rip and thus doesn't sound as sharp as the other two songs that I've posted with it. It's supposed to be punk rock, jeezus. I'm still trying to figure out who the band is on the cover-- it almost looks like it could be Kiss, but I can't really tell. Watch, someone's probably gonna leave a comment saying who it is and make me look stupid.

Shaved Christ -

"In Time"

"Ages of Man"

"Bury It"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's No Freedom When They Break Down Your Door

MRR ran an interview with Bloodkrow Butcher last month and happened to use one of my photos for it (the tiny one up in the top corner there, big deal). There's a new Bloodkrow Butcher 7" out now on Total Fucker, here's a track from it:

Bloodkrow Butcher -

"Tribes of Survivors"

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Can Hardly Breathe In Here

It shouldn't be too surprising that I think Velvet Crush's "Teenage Symphonies to God" is a great album, since I'm generally way too into anything that sounds like Cheap Trick, NRBQ, or Big Star. Right now I can't even find my copy of "Teenage Symphonies to God", even though I know I just listened to it about a month ago, which is annoying me to no end. Someday I have to figure out a better way to file my records other than "put the bigger square stuff with the bigger square stuff and put the littler square stuff with the littler square stuff". All is not lost, however, as I have the single for "Hold Me Up", so I'll just go with that for now. "Hold Me Up" is easily the best song on the LP, if not one of my top 100 favorite songs of all time; I totally love the intro ("deeeeeaaaaad on the phone") and how the guitar goes into overdrive every so often. I'll even include the b-side, which is the theme song from The Jetsons, "Mr. Spacely". Yeah, you gotta love Mr. Spacely. Actually, no, it's a Byrds cover, back when you had to cover the Byrds if you were a jangle band because it showed that you were serious. I owned a Byrds LP once, but it sucked, and then I lost it.

Velvet Crush -

"Hold Me Up"

"Mr. Spaceman"

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Don't Agree With You At All

I bought this record from the drummer of Foreign Objects at a show last year, and I almost pee'd myself pulling the record out of the box (not really). Henry Fiat's Open Sore could possibly be the greatest pack-of-foreigners punk band of the previous decade or so, although I don't expect anyone here to back me on this. This is hyper-fast punk that stops just short of thrash, and although there's nothing on this single that's on the level of "Does It Look Like I Give a Fuck" or "George W Bush is a Fucking Hippie" (wait, that last one is a different band), this is still world-beater type stuff. Whether in Henry Fiat's Open Sore or Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard, Sir Henry Fiat's got some of the best pipes ever, like if Danzig were from Stockholm, only without the Elvis thing going on. This is also one of the loudest records I've ever ripped-- I literally had to turn it down to "1" in order to keep the headphones on. In short, this is just fucking GREAT.

Henry Fiat's Open Sore -

"(Proud To Be The) Black Sheep"

"(Wanted: Petite Female Born) 1972"

"I Beg To Differ"

"Love Makes You Fat"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Sure Could Use Somewhere To Drown

Cafe Nine was already packed by the time I got there at around quarter after 10 last night, which is unusual for a show with just two local bands. Turns out there had already been an earlier jazzbo show, and it was just that everybody hadn't left yet (duh, me). Anyway, Dead Wives went on around 11, and holy shit they actually sounded tight this time, or at least relatively tight compared to the two times I saw 'em at Popeye's Garage. Dead Wives' on-stage presentation is so low-key (hence the name, I guess) that they're never going to blow people away, but they've got such great songs that it almost doesn't matter. Their sound is almost directly Creature Did/'90s Danbury-related, though I'm sure they've heard none of those bands, it's just a coincidence and they're really just ripping off Nirvana/Dinosaur Jr./Madonna/Jesus & Mary Chain... Estrogen Highs played a set of almost all new songs, save for a couple ("Alley Man", "Weed Queen", "I Am Tradition", plus maybe one more) and another cover of "Quality of Armor". Mark and Wes traded instruments for a few songs, including the GBV cover if I remember correctly, which had Stefan requesting that "anyone can just grab the mike and sing along if they want to", but nobody did. That's a Popeye's-only thing, I guess. The new album-- "Irrelevant Future" on Trouble In Mind-- is supposedly being mastered by Mikey Young this very second, and should be a corker, very much along the lines of "Friends & Relatives" with a couple of huffers thrown in. Both of last night's sets were being recorded by the Wicked Squid mobile unit, so there was a huge cable running out the back door to an RV parked outside, with a blanket covering the cable on the sidewalk so that nobody tripped over it. So someone eventually is gonna have a decent live set of Dead Wives and all-new Estrogen Highs songs on their hard drive someday, though I know it's not gonna be me.

Estrogen Highs - For All I Know

Friday, January 13, 2012

You Don't Even Talk To Me Anymore

This is the first 7" from Her Tears, a band that among all of the '90s Danbury bands had one of the more impeccable track records. This early single is way Manchester and doesn't rock out nearly as hard as what came out afterwards, but the b-side, "Darling", still ranks among my favorite Connecticut singles sides from that decade. I'm only guessing that they were attempting some kind of Inspiral Carpets-type thing here, but in hindsight "Darling" sounds more like a Geffen-era Girls Against Boys song if you added a lot of extra wah-wah and recorded it inside an empty metal box. The a-side, "5:30 Blue", is almost too mopey, but that's okay, because by being there it makes the b-side sound that much better. The first couple of times I played this record, I'd drop the needle on the a-side, scrunch my nose a bit, and then quickly flip the record over, and then "Darling" would end up sounding ten times more rocking in comparison. Now you can do the same thing.

Her Tears -

"5:30 Blue"


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Something's Got Ahold Of My Brain

There were a ton of great singles that came out of Connecticut back in the '90s, but I think my favorite out of all of them is the Grand Passion "Negative Jesus" 7". Whereas bands like Nevertheless and Farmertan were coming at rock from a Replacements angle, Grand Passion refined things a step further, carrying a lot of the Cle swagger and noir-like feel of Prisonshake, one of my all-time faves. They could really kick it live, too; all three of the guys in the band (Brooks, Rich, and Doug) were top-shelf, especially Doug, who is still probably one of my all-time favorite Connecticut drummers. I think he even resurfaced as a member of The Suicide Dolls for a short while just recently, though I also kind of don't remember.

This single was originally pressed as an edition of 300 on clear vinyl and released on the band's own Pop Rocket Records, but I liked it so much that I had a second pressing made of 250 copies on pink vinyl and gave them away with the sixth and final issue of Brushback. The "Sidearm Records" version had a modified sleeve (actually just a double-sided insert), which Rich Martin was cool enough to design and print up for me for nothing. I'd actually lost the sleeve for the original clear vinyl pressing a long time ago (things get messed up when you move around a lot), but Rich owns a record store in New London now called The Telegraph, which I finally got to visit a couple of months ago. Lo and behold, there were some original Grand Passion 7"-ers sitting in the "local singles" bin, and they actually let me take one. The Telegraph is a really cool store, by the way, you should definitely check it out if you're ever in the New London area (it's on Golden Street, that little side street that runs between all the banks and the El N Gee).

As an "extra bonus", I've scanned the Grand Passion interview from the final issue of Brushback, even though I know that nobody ever clicks on those things. The photos in the interview were taken at one of Brian Sinclair's bashes held at the Municipal Cafeteria in Hartford (yeah, there used to be indie/punk rock shows right on Main Street in downtown Hartford; pretty weird, huh? I think it's a Subway now), and at The Beat in Port Chester, NY, which was the club that Brian and Shaun Sheridan ran after the Anthrax closed.

Grand Passion -

"Negative Jesus"

"Ass Cat (live)"