Friday, December 30, 2011

If I Had A Gun I'd Kill Everything Evil

This isn't the "Kill The Hippies" Deadbeats from L.A., rather one from Connecticut, and one that I've already posted here once before since they have a track on the second "Footprints of God" compilation. This is a pretty cool single that sounds like a bargain-basement version of what bands like Fuck and New Bad Things would be doing in the '90s, or the a-side does at least. The b-side is a bunch of screwy shit, which I happen to like somewhat, but the rest of you probably wouldn't have the tolerance.

The Deadbeats -


"Honey Move"

Also, there used to be a web site that hosted a bunch of Populous Pudding sets-- or or something-- but it's since been taken down (Populous Pudding was a venue in Willimantic CT). I managed to grab the sets for M.O.T.O., Woodchipper, and Deadbeats before the site eventually dissapeared, so if you're looking for a few more pleasant-sounding Deadbeats songs listen to, here ya go.

"Deadbeats Populous Pudding 1989"

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