Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do It Or Shut Up About It

I didn't even own a copy of the "elusive" final Kingface 12" when I posted their first 12" three years ago, though obviously I stumbled onto one eventually. There's some flabby moments here -- like, "Jealousy" has a pretty good riff, but at 7 minutes long it could've used a bit more tightening-up -- but if you were into the first Kingface EP then this one rocks just as hard, and sounds a lot better, too. Again, I think you can easily draw a line from Bad Brains to bands like Underdog and Supertouch, and put Kingface directly in the middle of that line, too, even if their sound was a lot more "rock" than those other bands. And their lyrics were way more like Rusted Root, or whatever.

Kingface -

"One Truth"

"Life Keeps Getting Longer"



Lightning Baltimore said...

OK, this is freaky. I was thinking sometime in the last twenty four hours about how the only good thing about King Face was that the lead singer's little brother was smokin' hot. Why was I even thinking about this? I have no idea, other than I'm slightly psychic, I guess.

I listened to a bit of each track on this one, and . . . I still can't stand 'em. But, if it floats yer boat, that's all that matters, really.

Brushback said...

Who was hot, Bobby Sullivan? Ha ha... I think Jim Testa mentioned the Kingface-Soulside connection on one of my other Kingface posts.

I've always liked Kingface, I saw them twice and I thought they had good songs. They seemed pretty assured with what they were doing. I sorta picked up along the way that not everybody thought they were great, I mean, they're not really one of the D.C. bands from that era that people still talk about a lot...