Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Can't Do And What I Won't Do Have Become The Same Thing

I guess Oiltanker's new LP coming out just as they're about to go on a 10-month hiatus counts as a weird sense of timing (obscure reference that you won't get: "it's your delivery"), but so far it's no big deal because they kicked ass at their LP release show on Friday anyway. Oiltanker's set-up happened to be the biggest row of stacks/cabinets I have ever seen at Whitney House, meaning they were pretty loud, but the place was so packed tight with people that once I moved back about 30 or 40 feet I didn't even really need to wear earplugs. I keep hammering on the fact that I think Oiltanker are the best live band in CT, and it's because their riffs are friggin' killer, everyone in the band knows their shit, and when they're locked-on the sound is overwhelming. Their "Crusades" 7" is literally one of the best punk/HC records ever from CT and so it oughta be a tough one to top, but after a quick listen-through I think I can say that the new LP is worthy of the task. The packaging came out really nice, too-- great artwork on the sleeve, a full-sized lyric sheet (printed in two languages), plus everything's all in black and white so the overall look is really intense.

Escalator shook a little rust off in time to play a great set, also. It's been a while since the last time I've seen them (like 11 months, maybe?), which makes it kinda easy for me to lose track of how much I like their sound. Escalator's sound is really heavy and thick for "just" a two-piece, but leaves plenty of space to allow the riffs to work. I really like Ben's guitar playing-- it's Iommi heavy (taking on part of role of the bass) but still nimble and punk as fukk. Fast noisy shit with deep grooves in between, you'll like it.

Oiltanker -

"Who's In Control"

Escalator -

"Efficacy & Obsolescence"


Mr said...

Hey Brushback, Many thanks for your continuing enthusiasm and excellent words. Do you know where I could get a copy of the Oiltanker LP? Can't find a trace on the webs.

Brushback said...

I'm going to guess that, for people in Connecticut, Redscroll Records has some.. also, supposedly Bullshit Propaganda is carrying it (bspropaganda.com/), though I don't think I see it on their site.

The band has also said that they'll sell copies direct via PayPal for around $12 or something (their e-mail is oiltankercrust@hotmail.com). I got that info from Facebook.