Monday, September 5, 2011

I've Heard Things That Made Me Break And Die

The new Kitchen's Floor album is now my favorite LP of the year-- the thing friggin' smokes, and the songs are hooky, too. No doubt the last one had great songs on it, too, but the sound was sorta tinny. This one blows out of the speakers like a mid-period Government Issue album. There's no fucking around with the songs, either; most of them are over and done in a minute and a half. Just do your business and get the hell out of there. One of the songs might even be stealing the riff from TJSA's "Baboon's Liver", I think.

The album isn't officially out til the end of the month (on Siltbreeze), but the band has plenty of copies with them right now as they tour around the States. I got to see them twice this past weekend, in New Haven at Popeye's Garage and in Northampton at Feeding Tube Records, and they were awesome both times. Just three guys bashing out songs, in a Wipers/Volcano Suns/Feedtime sort of way. Not that they sound like those bands, necessarily, just that they all have three guys.

(As an aside, Feeding Tube Records is amazing. My first time there, and I wasn't even planning on buying records, but I still walked out with 5 or 6 things. Best indie record store I've ever been in. I can't imagine all the weird stuff I'd be listening to if I lived next to this place. Plus they've got a Nocturnal Projections 7" on the wall that I'm seriously dying to own.)

The LP comes with a download code, but this was ripped from the vinyl.

Kitchen's Floor -

"No Love"


Holly said...

I so need to go back to Hamp & check out Feeding Tube. Seems like an amazing store.

I know Main Street Records is long gone (no thanks to me, I SHUDDER to think how much money I dropped there), does Dynamite still exist?

Brushback said...

Dynamite, doesn't ring a bell... I don't really know Northampton at all, though I'd recommend that anyone within an hour or two's driving distance of Feeding Tube should definitely check it out sometime, especially if you're into obscure indie stuff (the Flying Nun/Siltbreeze/Forced Exposure type stuff, and even deeper than that).

I mean, for my particular leanings, they had Death of Samantha and Breaking Circus and Dredd Foole and Phantom Tollbooth records sitting right in the bins, six - eight bucks or whatever. You almost never see that, except for maybe Looney Tunes up in Boston...

I bought the Monkey 101 7" that I could never find. I bought a Lab Coast tape. Who the hell's store around here is going to stock the friggin' Lab Coast tape?

Brushback said...

They had a Chronic Disorder "Blithering Idiots" LP, that made me chuckle

I saw the Motorola Cloudburst 7" for $20

Chris said...

What price is the Nocturnal Projections record?

Brushback said...

$40. The "Nerve Ends"/"Purgatory" 7".

Brushback said...

Forget it, it's a re-issue from 1998