Saturday, August 13, 2011

If Everything Goes As Planned

I think I promised that I was going to write about this compilation three years ago, though obviously other things intervened in the meantime, like maybe I was too busy writing about Punchbuggy records or something. Anyway, Popfactory was a pretty ace little indie-pop label from the Tri-State area back in the 90's, prone to fuzzy stuff, and the "Gift From Sing-Sing" compilation was a collection of the label's early 7"-ers, along with some other unreleased stuff. All I have now is the CD version, but this also came out on LP, and that's what I originally reviewed in my zine (Brushback) way back when. The CD might have some extra tracks that aren't on the LP, I sorta forget. I still have some of the original Popfactory 7"-ers that are on this compilation-- Razor 18, Sunhead, Heartworms, and Her Tears of course-- besides the fact that I've already posted Her Tears' "Ultra-Crush" (Popfactory #1) as a vinyl rip from the 7", which now you'll be able to get as a CD track with "superior" CD resolution (arf arf). I'd go on but the compilation's liner notes are pretty extensive, so read those instead.

Sunhead -


Razor 18 -

"P Street Beach"

Heartworms -

"If Everything Goes As Planned"

Saturnine -

"Like a Kite"

Her Tears -

"Lady Killer"


Blessed Ethel -


The full CD, which I'll leave up for about a week or so:

A Gift From Sing-Sing CD (Popfactory, 1996).zip