Friday, June 3, 2011

I Swear I'll Never Surrender

This was supposed to be the kick-off to The Credentials' summer tour and the release of their new LP, but they ran into van trouble and didn't show up... this was my first time seeing The Book Slave since a couple of years ago, and I was amazed at how much more physical their stage performance has become. Lots of stomping and jumping around, which is pretty good considering they're just a two-piece. Their material is much stronger, too; I forget how I described them the last time, but their songs are built around churning, dissonant guitar parts -- like the parts of those Sonic Youth songs where they're just on cruise control-- with some twisted, heavier parts in between. They introduced one song as being about "younger kids going to shows and treating bands like heroes so then the bands think they can get away with acting like idiots and writing shitty songs", which I thought was all the bands on the CT Sound message board awesome, but I didn't think to look around for a set list to see what the name of the song was... the first song on Dead Uncles' set list was listed as "Surrender", but I think it was actually the song on their new split 7" with The Credentials, "Constant Dissapointment", which (if so) is on its way to becoming my favorite Dead Uncles song-- at least the way they play it live. They'd just gotten copies of the new split and were actually still assembling them (there's a paper obi-strip type thing that goes around the glue pocket, which is kinda cool) in the parking lot right before the show. This will be the last Dead Uncles show for a while, they've got better things to do than sit around waiting for your lame ass... I've posted a stream of the new song below, which is from the 86'd Records bandcamp page; that's the label's mispelling of "Constant", I tried to fix it but I couldn't.

The Book Slave -

"Surfing The Trough"

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