Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've Seen Age Upon Your Skin

"Mirror Blues", Died Pretty's second single, has considerably more added stomp than the other two Died Pretty records that I've posted already ("Free Dirt" and "Next To Nothing"). At over ten minutes long they had to split it into halves to make it fit over both sides of a 7", though I believe there was a 12" version also. This is what you were doing if you were me back then, still listening to hardcore but moving further and further out, sticking your nose in Forced Exposure and Conflict a lot while soaking up what was coming out of Homestead and Australia as much as possible. Anyway, the middle part gets a bit fluffy as it goes on, but then it comes right back for the coda at the end.

Died Pretty -

"Mirror Blues I"

"Mirror Blues II"


Holly said...

Yes, yes there was a 12" version, and of course the comps. I have 'em all. Obsessive. Thanks for the 7" rip!

BTW, a drummer for a later incarnation of the Died Pretty lives down the street from me. Very nice guy.

Brushback said...

I've got so many Died Pretty 7"-ers (well, 6 or 7 maybe)-- it got to the point that whenever I found one of their records I would buy it. Most of the time I've never even listened to them.