Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Left To My Own Devices

Out of the million New Bomb Turks singles that I own, here's one of them. That's what I do here, keep giving you a bunch of scratchy New Bomb Turks mp3's that you probably already have on the "Pissing Out the Poison" CD anyway. Actually, the sleeve design for this one is pretty neat, including one of the coolest band photos ever. That guy (Jay Brown) took a whole ton of good NBT photos, all at the same place it seems. By the way, absolutely no one I knew was calling this "gunk punk" back then, you're not getting me to fall for that one.

New Bomb Turks -

"Polyester Thinking Cap"

"Got No Proof"


jeffen said...

Y'know with all due respect to the NBT, Pissing Out the Poison is just too damn long - these singles and this is is the perfect example, proved that they were best in a sprint.

Brushback said...

I know what you mean about Pissing Out The Poison being long, there's a bunch of tracks on it that I always skip over whenever I listen to it. Some of the odd stuff that's on there (like the "Ejection" cover) is nice to have though.