Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Right Now I'm Going Backwards

Seeing as I just posted a Gaunt record the other day, I figured why not post another one. This was a bonus single that came with an issue of the '90s zine Speed Kills, a zine of impressive scope if only middling quality. Not that this 7" is middling, though: shit's punk. I mean, this thing's about as blown-out as anything Rip Off ever released.

This one's for all the assholes who think stuff like Wavves and Best Coast is "lo-fi".

Gaunt -


"Black Cat"


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I bought this zine back in the day and somehow the 7" never made it home. Grrrr.

Brushback said...

Yeah, that used to happen every so often. One option was to staple the sleeve to the inside of the zine, but that wasn't always good for the vinyl.

Some of the sleeves for this 7" were spray-painted silver; I've seen one of them, but mine wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Finest thing these fellers did in my opinion, barely recognizable version of 'Final Solution' is great.

Mine was a silver sprayed sleeve jobbie

Seem to remember another issue of Speed Kills had a Rocket From The Crypt 7"


Brushback said...

They barely kept two lines from the original lyric, no wonder they changed the title...

The issue before this one had the Rocket From The Crypt "boombox" 7"

Speed Kills also put out a Superchunk 7" and a compilation 10", both of which I've posted already --

Not a bad magazine, just that their writing was pretty weak and to me writing is everything (even if my blog doesn't show it) more than snazzy pages or graphics.