Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Head Is Hard As A Rock

I thought about posting "Smash Hits!" right now, but full-length LPs can be a bitch to rip, so I went looking through my boxes for the Teengenerate 7"-ers instead. As a single,"Sex Cow"/"Bad Boy" maybe isn't totally essential to own, since both songs are on "Smash Hits!" anyway-- which Estrus just reissued literally like a couple of weeks ago-- but all the songs on those early Teengenerate 7"-ers were real game-changers for me as far as what a truly kick-ass punk record could sound like. Like Feedtime a decade earlier, Teengenerate were one of those bands that put a different idea in my head about what sounded cool to me and what sort of stuff I should start tracking down. Or maybe I've just been sheltered all my life, who knows. The guitar solo on "Bad Boy" is one of the greatest fucked-up things ever, by the way.

Teengenerate -

"Sex Cow"

"Bad Boy"


Bruce Wolf said...

you going to the Guitar Wolf gig in Milford?

Brushback said...

Yeah, I've definitely had that one penciled-in for months now-- plus it's on a weekend and there's gonna be Cheap Time (who I saw at Whitney House once)

Brushback said...

Holy crud, Estrogen Highs are on that bill now, too. What a show.