Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nothing About You Will Ever Change

Sunday's show at the Whitney House was certainly fucked up enough, with Male Nurses getting the plug pulled on them not even four songs into their set. Occult Detective Club, the touring band from Texas, finished playing at 10 o'clock, which should've left plenty of room for Male Nurses to be on and off before 10:30-- a reasonable enough ending time for a house show on a Sunday, I'd figure. Only instead of Male Nurses, another band set up their stuff and started playing (some local band that I wasn't even aware was on the bill, not that it matters). It took about 20 minutes and about a hundred "fuck you's" before the situation was settled, giving Male Nurses four minutes to play (literally 10:35 to 10:39) before the power cut out and all the lights in the basement went dark. It was a particularly shitty way for things to end-- when I first found out a month ago that Male Nurses were playing Whitney House I was pumped, and I'd been looking forward to this show for weeks-- but I definitely understand that the house had their reasons. Supposedly there were some officers sniffing around outside but I didn't see anything, instead going upstairs into the first floor apartment and quietly sliding through the front door to get out.

The night wasn't a total loss, though, as Subklinix (playing second) completely tore the place up. I wish I had a demo or something to listen to and refresh my memory, but what I do remember is that Subklinix totally kicked ass. They sorta reminded me of what bands like Devil Dogs and Didjits used to be like: just balls-to-the-wall sped-up cock rock slash punk slash rock n roll, with friggin' hooks and riffs flying everywhere. The drummer wore a Kids t-shirt, which was appropriate, since Subklinix were like that record of all Kids covers getting pushed through Teengenerate (one of my favorite records of all time), only if Teengenerate were from Boston. The Subklinix drummer was also one of the guitar players in Male Nurses, and I think they shared a second guy with Male Nurses too, only I didn't have a lot of time to take a count. Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see these guys, jump on it.

No mp3's this time, because Subklinix haven't recorded anything yet and I just posted three songs from the Male Nurses 7" a month ago.

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