Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is It Time For Me To Go?

This used to be a fairly common dollar-bin find back in the '80s (I'm sure the butt-ass ugly sleeve saw to that), though I guess it's become more of a rarity since then. I'm sure a bunch of people will instantly recognize the name Kevin K on the back of the sleeve, since the Kevin K Band were huge mail pests to pretty much anyone who had a fanzine back in the mid-90's. "You Light Up My Life" is a cover of Debbie Boone's hoary AM-Lite chestnut; you'd think, being a NYC Bowery band, that Lone Cowboys would've played it punked-out or something, but no, it actually sounds like they're trying to make it sound good, right down to the ultra-gloss production of Huw Gower (of The Records "Starry Eyes" fame), who pushes everything practically to Love and Rockets levels. Supposedly this single charted in Sweden, which explains why they hate us now and try to sell us crappy furniture. The flipside, "Skulls Have Eyes", which should've been the a-side, is actually sorta good.

Lone Cowboys -

"You Light Up My Life"

"Skulls Have Eyes"


Anonymous said...

It's about 20 years I was looking for this! I had the vinyl, but unfortunately lost it somewhere in the late 80's. (I think many of us lost a lot of things in these years, at least memory :-;)"Light up my life" was the closing song in my favourite club "Batschkapp" in Frankfurt(Germany)on Saturday night ("Idiot Ballroom"). Thank you for posting!

Brushback said...

Oh, yeah -- I've lost a MILLION things since the late '80s: records, tapes, zines, flyers...

Anonymous said...

The B side was one of several tracks included on the band's DIY cassette release, recorded by Barb at CBGBs & subsequently included on the Caroline LP 'Voodoo Dolls & Cadillac Fins'. A 4 hour Sunday afternoon session spawned my heavily lacquered production. I think we made an awful song sound tongue-in-cheek fucking great!
The band seemed to like it, and the frequent WNYC airplay may have helped score a $5 deal with Branson's Chinatown sweat shop outfit.
2 LCs are long gone dead, as is the pervert that wrote the masterpiece.


Brushback said...

Oh, yeah, I think I remember that cassette now... CBGB used to be a great place to make a recording, the room sounded so great. Thanks for the info!

Michael_geb said...

Back in 1985, iin Germany we had only 5 tv-stations. to follow the European Football competitions i had to Listen the Radio. So i did. After the Broadcast, the radio was still Running, 1st i Heard a Football Chant,. then Music i Never Heard before on a Radiostation (John Cale, Jesus and Mary chain...). It was the radioshow of Klaus Walter., called "der Ball ist rund", wich became the Most famos independent radioshow in Germany. So i startet a Mc to record and the First song was you light up my Life by the lone Cowboys. And both, the Song and the radioshow lightened up my Life. Big Big Tanks to Klaus Walter and the lone Cowboys!!!
Found also a nice version by patty Smith -
I Love patty, a Great performer, also with a Big Bad cold:
Greetings from Germany
Michael Gebhard

Brushback said...