Friday, February 18, 2011

Everything Inside Your Head Is A Waste

I was hoping I'd be up in Boston tonight seeing Night Birds/Male Nurses/Boston Strangler, except that other plans intervened and I'm sitting here at home listening to the Male Nurses EP instead. If you haven't heard this thing, it's a friggin' rager, probably trodding the line somewhere in between Night Birds and Deep Sleep, and just as melodic as either one of them (the new Deep Sleep LP is killer, too, by the way). Something about the intro to "Swallow" reminds me of the riff to The Guns "I'm Not Right", though I'm probably alone in that. Totally thick and heavy recording, too-- if you've ever wished the School Jerks records were a hell of a lot louder, then this 7" is probably what you want.

Male Nurses -

"Pathetic and Useless"


"Pull The Trigger"

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