Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Expect Too Much Looking The Way You Do

I wasn't able to get to The Hygienic Rock Fix in New London this year (I already had tickets to see Aziz Ansari at the casino, yeah big time), so I missed out on getting all the CosmoSingles that Cosmodemonic Telegraph puts out in time to sell at the show. Which is okay, because as before, all of this year's CosmoSingles-- all forty of the a-sides, at least-- have been collected onto a two-CD compilation, "The Long Hundred", which you can get your hands on in any number of ways: either direct from Cosmodemonic Telegraph (, or through Bandcamp, which is where you can also hear all 40 songs in full (Bandcamp page is here), or even by making a trip down to Rich and Daphne's new record store in New London, The Telegraph, and pick it up in person (ask them if they've got a used copy of the Whales "Rock!" LP, they'll probably think you're hilarious)... anyway, I gave "The Long Hundred" a quick run-through yesterday and noticed right away that the new Bedroom Rehab Corporation song is a total monster, their best song yet. I think I've said it before-- or tried to, anyway-- that Bedroom Rehab's best riffs sound like either Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" or "Into The Void", and this is another one of those. So track down "The Long Hundred" (the Fatal Film song is fairly brilliant, also) or somehow get your hands on the Bedroom Rehab CosmoSingle-- the cover's solid white except for "..don't expect too much.." written across it in plain black letters, pretty hysterical-- because this one's a hit, at least in some other universe.

Bedroom Rehab Corporation -

"Don't Expect Too Much"

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