Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Plan Is Going Nowhere

I'm not sure what's up with Attentat these days-- all I know is that I've got these crappy photos that I've been sitting on for almost a year, waiting for when their 7" came out (I could've sworn there was going to be a split 7" with Oiltanker, but now there's no mention of it anywhere). I've also been out of the loop on Whitney House lately, since there's no place to look up shows anymore with myspace being dead, although I found out that I missed a bunch of shows (Oiltanker, Iron Hand, Attentat) in December because someone posted some pretty good photos on Flickr from them... way better photos than any of the ones I've ever taken at Whitney House, that's for sure. So anyway, now that my cruddy photography skills have been beaten into the ground, here's some of the photos I'd been sitting on, plus a track from Attentat's "Supposed To Rot" demo. I think there's an even newer tape out now on Coagulate Tapes, but I haven't seen it yet. Jeez, it's like I can't do anything right.

Attentat -



Anonymous said...

That Attentat's first 7" came out in 1979, the members look pretty young in the photos from the reenactment show.

Were they on the bill with their countrymen Anti-Cimex or is this from a different night?

Brushback said...

Hey, Mob47 played Whitney House, so the possibility isn't that far off.

Yes, there've been a few other bands named Attentat (even a rap guy used that name). I've mentioned it before.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of a smart-ass remark, I was indeed being a wiseguy, but I goofed! Anti-Cimex? I meant Mob 47. However many weeks ago I was surprised to hear they played the Whitney House. At least I had the country right and didn't say Fader War.

This Attentat song is pretty good. I am equally surprised there is a scene for this stuff in contemporary CT.

Thanks for all your posts.

Brushback said...

Alright, you'll get points for the attempt, at least.

Brian said...

At last notice, Attentat were out a bassist, with Briron Hand tentatively tapped to take over.

Brushback said...

Wow, that would be sorta interesting. Much faster/more physically demanding basslines than Glue Machine, I would imagine.

Brushback said...

The mp3 link is now inactive