Friday, January 7, 2011

Rock And Roll Won't Pay You Back

It looks like the "home taping" graphic is taking over as the main M.O.T.O. logo-- maybe Jolt Cola sent a letter... I wouldn't have even known there was a new M.O.T.O. single, except that I was poking around on the Windian web site (probably looking up Crushed Butler or something) and happened upon this EP, which came out merely a month ago. I've had the lead-off track ("Kissing All the Wrong Asses") on my computer for a year now and after a couple dozen plays it still hasn't worn out its welcome yet, but the other songs here have got the goods, too. "Redivider" stands up pretty well with all of the other M.O.T.O. catchy oi!-chant stuff, "Here Comes Our Rock" is a one-minute-and-thirty-second spitball ("Here comes our rock flying by your head"), and "From The Seat of My Pants To You" slows it down a bit and almost sounds like a Spoon song, maybe "Plastic Mylar" or something. You'll note the "borrowed lyric as song title/song titles continue as one sentence" gimmick is in effect on the b-side, as well. No more swiped Tom Petty riffs, though, that's always a drag.

M.O.T.O. -

"Kissing All the Wrong Asses"

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