Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Misinterpret Most Of What I Said And Disregard The Rest

I first heard Hot Cops years ago through their MySpace; it might've been Jim Testa who tipped me off about them. The songs were awesome, but it was a while later before I went over to the label web site and ordered the record, oblivious to the fact that the band had long since broken up and the label web site hadn't been updated in over a year. Someone at the other end claimed my PayPal money, but obviously I never got the record. Eventually I was able to find it for two bucks from some distro that was having a clearance back about a year ago-- Traffic Street or somebody, I forget. Good thing too, cuz it's great 7". Side A is the single best thing you've ever heard from Wayne NJ, and side B is a cement mixer. If you remember how everyone thought that Squirrel Bait sounded like Hüsker Dü and The Replacements smooshed together, well, this doesn't sound like that at all.

Supposedly the guy in the band who wrote all the songs or the guitar player or someone is in a new band now, but I won't give a shit until I get my five bucks back.

Hot Cops -

"Right On Cue"

"Tragic By Design"

"Thermal Turmoil"


DANIEL said...

Hey Dave, I meant to get this to you a lot sooner, but I recorded a 3-song (solo) Christmas EP to give to all the friends of TFR. The link is http://danielnoahgallo.bandcamp.com
(but, CTIndie posted it already, so I guess it's no longer a Club Thing).

Also, I know the subject of this comment has no right being in the post it will be in.

Thanks Always,

Brushback said...

Yeah, friggin' CT Indie spilled all the beans, eh?

Those bastards.