Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Say There's Nothing To Do

I still have one other Chemical Imbalance 7"-er besides "The Andrew Noel Lin Memorial Trailer Park EP", though I don't think the other one is any funnier or any better than this one. Still, with Ted Nugent and Real Kids covers, I guess it's hard to complain... Blue Hippos are somewhat Halo of Flies related (Paul Osby had been in Otto's Chemical Lounge with Tom Hazelmyer), but not really. Magnolias are the Minneapolis band that got saddled with the "second-rate Replacements/Soul Asylum" tag... I know it doesn't say it anywhere on the sleeve, but Soul Asylum are on this record. Soul Asylum are on this record, by the way. Look, everyone, it's Soul Asylum. Too bad their track really sucks.

Magnolias -

"Do The Boob"
(Real Kids cover)

Blue Hippos -

"Motor City Madhouse"
(Ted Nugent cover)

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