Friday, December 3, 2010

Just So I Never Talk To You

Ty Segall's inevitable descent into deli trays and NPR Rock has been all but assured by any number of people (I can kinda picture it happening, myself), but in the meantime he's been riding a winning streak the likes of which I haven't seen since the first handful of Spoon records, at least. "Lemons" might've been a bit of a dud, but everything else I've heard has been pure gold, and "Melted" might even be the best out of the whole bunch. I thought that maybe the vinyl for this had sold out at some point, but I just double-checked and it's up on the Goner web site now-- with the admonishment "there is no colored vinyl or special edition for this record"-- so maybe I was thinking of the Moonhearts LP (which also rules) instead. Anyway, I'm not really writing a review of this now, it's just that I took the pictures a long time ago, thinking that I might use them eventually, and I finally got tired of them cluttering up the folder on my computer. "Nice" gatefold sleeve, by the way. Here's a song that I ripped, too.

Ty Segall -


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