Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Can Move Just About Anything

"Scumbait" in this case refers to labels that would brag about low pressing numbers (like the old Noiseville ads that didn't even bother mentioning anything about the bands, merely putting "only 300 pressed!" or "800 pressed!" as a description) as bait to record collectors, something that hit a peak back in the late 80's/early 90's, just in case anyone thinks that record-flipping is something new... so what do we have here: a pretty boring sleeve, although the liner notes are alright, and while this was released in 1990, most of the tracks reek of afterthoughts and 80's leftovers... Feedtime is described in the notes as "quite possibly the greatest band in the world from 1985 until 1988, and the best Australian band since AC/DC", which is pretty much right on the money (although X weren't that bad either). The Feedtime track is okay, and probably better than "Take The Buick", the other Feedtime U.S. 7" compilation track with a similar title... the Bastards track was apparently their first ever, and sounds downright poppy alongside the likes of some of their other stuff like "Shit For Brains" and "Hole". Oddly enough, it's similar to some of Feedtime's more pensive LP tracks... unlike some people, "Drunks Theme" was never one of my favorite Drunks With Guns songs, but since it's got the great bassline and awesome snare sound that a lot of great Drunks tracks have, I'm not complaining. Keep in mind, I've still got the first Drunks 7" lined up to be ripped and posted eventually... the Venom P. Stinger track isn't all that interesting, so I left it off. You can still probably track down one of these records yourself (I mean, 1500 copies made, that's more than the last Saliva record sold) if you really need to hear it.

Bastards -


Drunks With Guns -

"Drunks Theme"

Feedtime -

"Plymouth Car Is a Limousine"


Anonymous said...

I think the Venom P Stinger track might just be the best thing on here, I kinda like all the stuff I've heard of there's (maybe not the Siltbreeze album), hard to work out how Mick Turner and Jim White went from here to The Dirty Three? Thanks

Brushback said...

Ha - I ripped the Venom P. Stinger track, I just didn't put it on here because I wanted to stick to my usual routine and pick one track to leave off anyway.

Some other doofus-assed blog posted the whole thing around the same time I did (plus Joe Stumble posted it many years ago, too), so people can always find the whole thing somewhere else.

Or, like, you know, do what you and I had to do and actually BUY RECORDS.

Anonymous said...

Mark Trehus' trade pile tops all our record collections combined but he, generally, put out terrible records--to the point I am embarrassed to mention the ones I kinda like. Good historical post nonetheless. Thanks.

Brushback said...

Well, Pagans are sorta untouchable, there's a lot of Pagans stuff that I never would've heard of without Treehouse... I get the feeling that Mark Trehus is a bit of an odd duck, though.

Anonymous said...

There's not enough space for me to list each substance, so I'll just say I was under the influence when I wrote my comment, Anonymous at 8:01. In fact most of the Treehouse discography is pretty good, certainly far from embarrassing:

Pagans indeed being the best.

Brushback said...

Well, then that makes for a pretty good story, at least

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive.